The Android 10 update feature as overnight and pop-up notifications on most. This feature uses machine learning to suggest three short responses that might suit the message, notification you received, such as a thumbs-up emoji. Basically, it’s anticipating what you’re going to say before you say it. The Android 10 version of Smart Reply can also anticipate actions and will, for instance, suggest opening up the address your friend sent you in Google Maps also in messaging, there’s 65 new emoji including new “gender-inclusive” designs for haircuts, weightlifting, and the sauna. Android 10 features a new dedicated location section in your phone’s privacy settings giving users more control over the location data they share with apps. This means they can choose to share location data with apps only while they’re in use, all the time or not at all and receive reminders when an app uses their location in the background. There’s also an option to opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization and all privacy settings, including location, web and app activity and app permissions, are now in one place.